Rich Glinnen


Leak at the Gym

While stretching my neck,
I notice water dripping from the ceiling
And a puddle on the floor
Beside the rowing machine.

It trembles with each added droplet
As if nature is coming,
Stomping like an immortal T-Rex
Down the blue plain of sky,
And clawing through the brief
Manmade roof,

Crafting a river,
Drop by drop,
That will reclaim the rower
And float it back to its banks—
Where rowing things belong—

So it can cradle
A father and son,
A lunch pail,
And a harmonica
That tastes like beer.

Best of the Net nominee Rich Glinnen enjoys eating his daughter’s cheeks at his home in Bayside, NY. His work can be read in various print and online journals, as well as on his Tumblr and Instagram pages.