Poems of the Week

The Department of Justice

by Susannah Greenberg

Justice is broken, she lies on the floor,
and if she should die, there’ll be justice no more.
We’d like to believe she is strong, she is tough,
but she’s fragile and old and it hurts her to cough.
He says she is rapidly losing her mind.
The justice he likes is a different kind,
one that’s drunken and feral and never quite blind,
and kisses his royal fake POTUS behind.
He sits on his throne, as he schemes and he tweets.
Justice is broken; we take to the streets.

Sweet Cessations

by Julia Griffin

When to the Sessions of sweet silenced thought
I offer new ideas for self-expression,
I tell him: “Write your memoirs (they’ll be bought),
And make the title Sessions’s Confession.”

Down to the Wire

by Bruce Bennett

Mueller, O Mueller, we wished you would act.
It may be too late now. We’re faced with the fact
of Whitaker now in the role of AG.
There may be a shitstorm. Who knows? We will see.

There may be a shitstorm. Trump’s off on a tear!
It’s driving him crazy that Mueller’s still there.
He rants and he raves, like a petulant king
whose time’s running out, while he can’t do a thing.

Does he act like a man? No, he acts out instead,
and he orders his minions to bring him a head.
We are down to the wire. We have to face fact.
O Mueller, please, Mueller! There may be time. Act!

Sea Change

by Dan Campion

No blue wave fit for surfing broke,
No red tide rose in combers.
Our ever-changeful sea’s best joke:
Still wine-dark, just like Homer’s.

Getting the Message

by Julia Griffin

“A New York man was arrested and charged with hate crimes Friday night after anti-Semitic messages were found in a temple, police said.”—CNN

The synagogue is all agog:
Who will it be this week?
There’s quite a crowded catalog,
Enough for every clique.

Is it the White Supremacist
With KKK tattoos?
Blame Trump and Fox, the Dems insist,
Who spread such racist views!

Is it the young black Brooklynite,
High hope of academe?
He worked, to Hannity’s delight,
Upon Obama’s team!

Is it the Muslim raised in Fez,
Karachi, or LA?
The left wing’s fault! the right wing says;
Guess what the leftists say?

For craziness about the Jews
Runs deep on either hand:
Which may be all we have to fuse
This twice-self-righteous land.

Negative Campaigning

by Bob McKenty

Negative campaigning works.
Who wants either of these jerks?

Trump Trade Policy

by Edmund Conti

“I tell the truth when I can.”—DJT

An eye for an eye.
A tooth for a tooth.
A lie for a lie.
A lie for the truth.

Impeachment for the Old Guy

by James Hamby

Remember, remember, the sixth of November
The Russian collusion and plot;
I know of no reason why Donald Trump’s Treason
Should ever be forgot.

Constitutional Law with Prof. Trump

by Chris O’Carroll

I’ve got your 14th Amendment right here.
I’m taking your birthright away.
Executive orders can do that this year,
Many top legal scholars now say.

I’ll bag one Amendment then hunt down some more
I can fix, if you know what I mean.
I know Kanye loves me, but all’s fair in war—
I’m taking a look at 13.

The Tourists in the Garden

by Julia Griffin

after Louis MacNeice

“Tokyo garden loses fortune because ticket seller was scared to charge foreigners:
Man let about 160,000 tourists into Shinjuku Gyoen garden rather than risk
being yelled at for not understanding them.”—The Guardian

The tourists in the garden
Harden and grow cold.
I’m jumpy as a cricket:
The tickets are unsold;
I don’t feel bold;
I squeak, “I beg your pardon…”

They’re angry, loud freeloaders
With sodas. It’s the end;
Municipal grim reapers,
That’s keepers, will descend;
And soon, my friend,
There’ll be some evil odors.

It should be gratifying
Supplying what one sells;
But stress is always mounting,
Counting each coin or else
Those dreadful yells!
I’m trying, Gyo-en, trying

And not expecting pardon,
Barred and de-pensioned too;
But is it such a wonder
Blunders occur—have you
Not once let through
A tourist in the garden?