Poems of the Week

Mae Scanlan Moves On—RIP*

by Liza McAlister Williams

Farewell to the scion—or scioness—
of metrical verse, to that lioness
whose wry, entertaining admonishment
waylaid us in gales of astonishment,
that mischievous, marvelous polyphone
whose deathless bons mots touched our funny bone.

*Beloved Light contributor Mae Scanlan left us on Feb. 5.
Our winter/spring issue, out soon, will include more on
Mae’s inspiring (and inspired) life.

Flat Out

by Julia Griffin

“Joshua Trump, 11, wakes up a celebrity after dozing off during presidential address.” 
The Guardian

“So the LORD was with Joshua; and his fame was noised throughout all the country.”
—Joshua 6:27

And lo! This day it came to pass
That Joshua was found,
And borne to Jericho (first class)
To hear the Trumpet sound.

Then seven senators arose
And led him to his place,
That all of Israel’s friends and foes
Might mark him face to face.

Now Joshua was wearied sore;
His vigil long he kept,
But when at last he could no more,
It came to pass he slept.

And as he slept the Trumpet blew,
A noise of high renown;
And verily, betwixt the two,
They brought the whole House down.

Teeming Time

by Jerome Betts

“Join us in February for our fourth
annual Snowdrop Festival—where you
can visit gardens teeming with one of
the earliest flowering plants of the year.”
—National Gardens Scheme website

The cold rain teeming down for hours
Blots out those pale blooms’ clusters,
The forecast stuck at blustery showers
Relieved by showery blusters.

Don’t urge us out before it’s dry!
Until there’s really no drops,
Best stay indoors and warm, not try
To see some sodden snowdrops!

Walking Tall

by Nora Jay

“Billionaire and likely presidential hopeful Howard Schultz doesn’t want people calling him a ‘billionaire’:
… At a book event on Monday, Schultz swapped out the word for the term ‘people of means.’ …
‘All I’m trying to do is one thing: walk in the shoes of the American people,’ he said.”
—Business Insider

Now Mr. H. Schultz is as rich as a czar:
With so many bucks he’s a qualified star;
But all his desire—it’s a strange thing to choose—
Is trying to walk in his countrymen’s shoes.

He’s loaded with money—that’s not in dispute;
The proper descriptor, we’re learning, is moot,
But “person of means” is the one he will use:
Just one of the people, who walks in their shoes.

Of course Mr. Schultz can provide in a lump
The billions required to campaign against Trump,
And thus make the Democrats likely to lose,
While he is out walking in popular shoes.

The people are patient: they watch and don’t rage
As tax-dodgers sit on the minimum wage;
But one thing let’s hope they’ll be slow to excuse
Is Mr. H. Schultz taking walks in their shoes.


by Catherine Chandler

Trump’s unconcerned with Nipple and with Button.
His ersatz mind’s in Mar-a-Lago. Puttin’.

Road Sucker

by Julia Griffin

“Emergency services are currently dealing with a single vehicle [collision] on the A381 by the South Milton turn where a car has overturned.
The driver stated he swerved to avoid an octopus. He is currently in custody on suspicion of drug driving.”
—Kingsbridge Police Report

He thought he saw an octopus
Reposing on the road;
He looked again, but not before
He’d too abruptly slowed,
And consequently overturned
And breached the Highway Code.

He thought he saw a kangaroo
Reciting from a text;
He looked again, and found it was
A judge, distinctly vexed,
Who sentenced him to kick the drugs
And change his glasses. Next!

Roll Over, Van Der Weyden

by Ruth S. Baker

“‘It’s a Beatle haircut’: historian claims 15th-century portrait is from the 1960s:
National Gallery’s 1450 portrait by Rogier van der Weyden was created in the 1960s by Eric Hebborn, says art historian.”
—The Guardian

Imagine there’s no fraudsters:
It’s easy if you try;
No crooked sales or hoardsters,
Compelled to sell or buy;
Imagine giving painters
What collectors pay … a …ay

Perhaps some dealer-reamer
Just thought he’d have some fun;
You may say he’s a schemer,
But he’s not the only one.

Imagine I’m a Beatle:
I’ve got a ’60s do;
This scroll is no decretal,
Just songs From Me To You;
Imagine giving paintings
Credit just per se … a …ay

Suppose I’m by a lemur:
I’d still be nicely done;
You may say “art blasphemer!”
But I’m not the only one.

Hammer and Sicko

by Nora Jay

“Karl Marx’s London grave vandalised in suspected hammer attack”
—The Guardian

Ye workers of the world, unite
To put this wrongful ruin right:
Exploited proletarians,
Condemn the guilty hooligans,
Then call, as swiftly as may be,
Your friends among the bourgeoisie,
Who may indeed corroborate
Society’s existing state,
But when it comes to monuments
Will spare no effort or expense.

Humpty Trump

by Bruce Bennett

Humpity Trumpity
Donald goes bonkers in
Quest of his Wall,

Dreams the King’s Soldiers
Will build him a Giant One,
Clambers up nothing and
has a great fall!

My X-Treme Valentine

by Bruce McGuffin

“Love is a snowmobile racing across the tundra and then suddenly it flips over, pinning you underneath. At night, the ice weasels come.”Matt Groening

For you I’ll race my snowmobile
And take the risk that it may heel
Until it tips, and when it flips
I’ll end up as a weasel meal.