Susan McLean


Be My Pandemic Valentine

I know you’ve seen a lot of me,
since we can’t go outdoors,
but do you sigh regretfully
that I’m so wholly yours?

Because I use a downstairs room
to write, while you’re up yonder
(upstairs, I mean), can I assume
that absence makes you fonder?

Perhaps by March the snows will cease
or, freed by a vaccine,
our lockdown blues will find release
from love in quarantine.

You’re still the one that I adore;
I’m sure I have your heart,
and yet . . . I think you’ll like me more
when we can be apart.

Susan McLean‘s poems have recently appeared in Valparaiso Poetry ReviewThink JournalBlue UnicornThe Orchards Poetry Journal, and The Road Not Taken.  She is also Translations Editor for Better Than Starbucks.