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BACK  |  CONTENTS  |  NEXT Magdalene Distressed Being a Lady Saint, I’ve lots of hair.It used to swirl while I was lost in prayer,Yellow as sunlight, reaching to my seat,Long, tender tendrils tending everywhere. At times as modest as a well-draped sheet,It offered a reliable retreatIn certain situations, or, outspread,A towel for the longest, dampest […]

Spotlight: Julia Griffin

BACK | CONTENTS | NEXT A Light Heavyweight Tells All by Melissa Balmain “I basically don’t do anything but cook, write, make ice cream, panic about schoolwork, and walk my dog,” Julia Griffin told me in July, via Zoom. “Oh, and read.” As any fan of hers would, I instantly expanded that modest list in […]

Julia Griffin—Featured Poet

  CONTENTS    |    NEXT This page is dedicated, with love, to Larry Weiss (1942-2020) The Other Night … Not last night but the night before,I saw Eternity, the big tom cat:He curled himself before my door,Like a great ring. And as I pondered that,Quick down the wall came Time, his shady twin,And knocked […]

Julia Griffin

BACK  |  CONTENTS  |  NEXT Weepiness The comfort of weeping soon passes; And then it’s a bore to dispose Of the spatters of salt on one’s glasses, And the difficult stuff up one’s nose. Vessel Orchestra “Composed of thirty-two sculptures, utilitarian containers, and decorative objects from the Museum’s collection, Vessel Orchestra is the first sound-based […]

Julia Griffin

BACK | CONTENTS | NEXT Prep-Westeros I’ve never fancied watching people kill. It isn’t that I think it should be banned (Provided no one’s killed against their will), But my delights are generally bland, And even when the slaughter’s really grand I can’t contain it in my comfort zones; Yet, if the truth be accurately […]

Julia Griffin

BACK | CONTENTS | NEXT Peterman Girl* Although I am nearly fifty-fiveAnd look about twice my age,I feel I’m finally coming aliveAs I scour each Peterman page.O who’d have thought there’d be such romance, Such a dazzling red alert,In a pair of pleat-front wide-leg pantsAnd a high-neck stretch-satin shirt?A woman steps onto a balcony.All Paris […]

Julia Griffin

BACK | CONTENTS | NEXT Julia would like to dedicate this page to her beloved mother, Miriam Griffin (1935-2018) Amazing Grease Space is full of dirty, toxic grease, scientists reveal—The Guardian, June 2018 How cleanly shines each little star On Heaven’s mantelpiece; And how discomfited we are To learn that shine is grease! It’s carbon, […]

Julia Griffin

BACK | CONTENTS | NEXT Non-Poor Getty [Lady Ursula] gave in to Getty because “I felt so lost and lonely I fell for this dear old man’s kindness and charm.” … She later recalled that she felt sorry for him because of his wealth. —The Times When John Paul Getty sought to get The Duke […]

A Staggering Discovery

by Julia Griffin “The Griffin Warrior: A Staggering Discovery from Ancient Greece” —Greek Reporter The Warrior was “prominent,” in status and in jaw; The Griffin, though of ivory, was grand in beak and claw; Combined, they were redoubtable: men staggered at the sight, An action, I believe, not only natural but right.

Werking Suit

by Julia Griffin After Marie Joussaye “Judge: Michigan couple must pay son $30,441 for throwing out porn collection Ruling says parents had no legal right to ‘destroy property that they dislike’ … David Werking, 43 … lived at his parents’ Grand Haven home for 10 months after a divorce” —The Guardian I know I am […]

National Make-A-Will Month

by Julia Griffin It’s time, dear kin, to prove how much You relatively merit, For such as August shows me, such Will be what you inherit. September’s waiting at the door: I hear its heavy breathing; So, if you’d rather not be poor, Make nice while I’m bequeathing. Although my main concern’s my soul, (Assume […]

Afghan Manifesto

by Julia Griffin “‘This is manifestly not Saigon’: Blinken defends US mission in Afghanistan … ‘We went into Afghanistan 20 years ago with one mission in mind, and that was to deal with the people who attacked us on 9/11, and that mission has been successful.’” —The Guardian “It’s manifestly not Saigon,” Said Blinken, with […]

The Ballad of Wally the Walrus

by Julia Griffin “Life coach sent in to calm Wally wars on Scilly isles … Lizzi Larbalestier specialises in helping her clients develop ‘compassion for yourselves, others and the planet’ … [She] was flown in … to keep the peace between Wally the Walrus and some rather irate boatmen“ —The Sunday Times “Pontoon built to […]

The God Revealed

by Julia Griffin “‘Neptune’ appears in the waves during storm in Newhaven” —BBC News Neptune himself appearing in the storm? Few ever hoped for it—the god ascending, Divine locks pluming out, a spectral swarm, His whole head thrusting upwards, daylight bending Around the wild white undulating form, Through grief, some say, at never comprehending A […]

Seaside Detraction

by Julia Griffin “The world’s tallest sandcastle has been completed in Denmark … Standing 21.16 metres in height (69.4 feet), the castle is more than 3 metres taller than one built in Germany in 2019, which previously held the title, according to Guinness World Records. … Its Dutch creator […] [wanted] to represent the power […]