Poems of the Week

The Coffee Song—A New Variant

by Stephen Gold

“[Brazil] is facing more Covid deaths and cases than ever… . In addition to a president who scoffs at the disease,
rejects masks and leaves each state on its own, the country plays host to a variant that’s more
contagious and possibly deadlier.”


(To the tune of “The Coffee Song”)

Way down among Brazilians,
It’s infecting multi-millions,
There ain’t never been so many people ill.
They’ve got an awful lot of coffins in Brazil.

That moron Bolsonaro
Chills his people to the marrow,
When he tells them, “You don’t even need a pill!”
No ifs or buts, that guy’s just nuts, down in Brazil.

Look out for fatality,
In every locality,
And favela dwellers yelling, “Won’t you go, go, go!”

So have you felt a shiver?
Did the Amazon deliver
You a virus who’s desirous to kill?
It won’t make nice. Take my advice, and make your will!