Susan de Sola

BACK | CONTENTS | NEXT The Light Grey Suit, North by Northwest “Everyone wants to be Cary Grant. Even I want to be Cary Grant.”—Cary Grant He’d rather walk down Madison, his routeto Oak Bar cocktails, in his perfect suit. He cuts through tweeds and Technicolor skirts,a chiseled, dapper gentleman: it hurts to see him […]

Susan de Sola

BACK | CONTENTS | NEXT The Tear The local sage of lingerie, I passed her shop again today. I need to ask her for advice, I’ve torn a hole in costly tights. It’s quite discreet—behind the knee— So, will it hold? If none can see, Is it worthwhile to replace? Well, though it’s small, it’s […]

Susan de Sola

BACK | CONTENTS | NEXT Modern Man Contemplates His Image While Shaving They say that the Victorian would glory in his beard. You’d never catch Lord Tennyson or Charles Dickens sheared. It seems we might intuit then a link: proclivity For facial hair seems to allow great productivity. For if you count the vanity a […]

Susan de Sola

BACK | CONTENTS | NEXT Egbertje Egbertje Leutscher-de Vries, the oldest woman in the Netherlands, died at the age of 111. She said the key to her longevity was eating a cooked egg every day. When she attained one hundred and eleven, A number seldom seen up there in heaven, All asked, how does one […]

Derek Kannemeyer

BACK  |  CONTENTS  |  NEXT Corgis and Bess The number of Queen Elizabeth’s corgis fluctuates: there are photographs of her with seven; the peak is thought to have been nine. Since young adulthood, only from 2018-20 was she withoutone. One, Susan, accompanied her on her honeymoon. In 2015, she stopped breeding them, not wishing her […]

Book Reviews

BACK | CONTENTS | NEXT If you have a book you’d like considered for a review in Light—one that includes a large helping of light verse and was published within the previous 12 months, or will be published in the next six—please send a copy to:Barbara EgelPO Box 408250Chicago, IL 60640-0005(Pre-print-run electronic copies may be sent […]

Winter/Spring 2019 ISSUE: Table of Contents

Featured Poet Barbara Loots Spotlight: Barbara Loots by Gail White Book Reviews by Barbara Egel Poetry by… Peter Austin Ned Balbo Bruce Bennett Meredith and Michael Bergmann David Berman Jerome Betts Jane Blanchard Charlie Boyes Kim Bridgford Dan Campion Carrie L. Clickard Barbara Lydecker Crane Pat D’Amico Paula Mahon d’Entremont Susan de Sola Paul Fraleigh […]

Paul Fraleigh

BACK | CONTENTS | NEXT Spider A spider weaves a silky web Where joist and rafter cross, And snags a cockroach in the net, And wraps him up in floss. She then proceeds to feast upon This morsel that she’s won, To us, a most revolting meal, To her, filet mignon.   Thieves A bee […]

Paula Mahon d’Entremont

BACK | CONTENTS | NEXT Driven to the Mall in December (with apologies to John Masefield) I must go back to the mall again, for the holidays are nigh and all I ask is a parking space with direction posts nearby in a covered lot, or a shoveled spot with room for a Chevy van. […]

Winter/Spring 2017 ISSUE: Table of Contents

Featured Poet Brian Allgar Spotlight: Brian Allgar by Chris O’Carroll Spectrum: “Impossible” Rhymes Intro by Bob McKenty; Rhymes by Brian Allgar, Jerome Betts, Laura J. Bobrow, Catherine Chandler, Daniel W. Galef, X.J. Kennedy, Bob McKenty, Chris O’Carroll, Orel Protopopescu, Robert Schechter, and John Whitworth Book Reviews by Barbara Egel Poetry by… C.B. Anderson Peter Austin […]

Rhina P. Espaillat

BACK | CONTENTS | NEXT How It’s Done If a lie helps you, try it: those who like you will buy it, and the others don’t matter. Keep repeating your patter. Rumors may not be true, but if one works for you, hey, that’s fine, it’ll do. Facts are best when they vary. Make the […]

Pat D’Amico

BACK | CONTENTS | NEXT Tech Trails On my wrist, I wear a Fitbit. An iPhone’s in my pocket. It seems I’m always plugging in And charging at some socket. All the hours of all my days Are tracked in cyberspace— So I surmise on my demise, I’ll leave some kind of trace. Pat D’Amico […]

SUMMER/FALL 2015 ISSUE: Table of Contents

Cover Photograph: “A Dog Can Look…” by Daniel A. Anderson Featured Poet Chris O’Carroll Spotlight: Chris O’Carroll by Bill Greenwell Spectrum: Tailgaters Intro by Bob McKenty; tailgaters by Jerome Betts, Julie Kane, J. Patrick Lewis, Anthony Harrington, Bob McKenty, and Chris O’Carroll Poetry by… Brian Allgar Peter Austin Bruce Bennett Jerome Betts Dan Campion Brooke […]

Paul Dickey

BACK | CONTENTS | NEXT The Online Workshop Rewrites “Stopping by Woods” i. (Posted by W. C. Williams) so much depends upon the brass bells plated glazed with downy flake beside the frayed harness. ii. (Posted by John Berryman) Aw, Mr. Bones, come on! Why leave me here— so tired & so late, & miles […]

Pat D’Amico

BACK | CONTENTS | NEXT Birthdays Too many candles on my cake And it seems like everyone mumbles. I’ve given up coffee and butter and steak, Ice cream and rhubarb crumbles. I could recite a litany Of grievances, there’s no doubt, But the one that’s really bugging me Is my birthday suit’s stretched out.   […]