WINTER/SPRING 2015 ISSUE: Table of Contents

Cover Photograph: “The Bardis,” by Karen C. Craft Featured Poet Julie Kane Spotlight: Julie Kane by A.E. Stallings Historical and Hysterical Cabots, Lowells, and a Quatrain You Don’t Really Know by A.M. Juster Poetry by… Brian Allgar Peter Austin William Baer Brendan Beary Bruce Bennett Jerome Betts Jane Blanchard Barbara Brannon Dan Campion Catherine Chandler […]

Dick Davis

BACK | CONTENTS | NEXT Sex Lives of the Poets  (SLOP) Geoffrey Chaucer Was accused of rape. What could be coarser? So that’s how Eng. Lit. began. And he seemed such a nice old man. Marlowe liked buggery And political skullduggery; When stabbed, he asked, “For which Secret Service Do I deserve this?” Did Shakespeare […]

Rhina P. Espaillat

BACK | CONTENTS | NEXT To My Gall Bladder Is this goodbye to you, who for so long have shared my days and nights, so near my heart I thought that we were one? But I was wrong. What guilt—and whose—is tearing us apart? Is it my long affair with cheese that grates on you? […]


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Poems of the Week Winter-Spring 2023 Brian Allgar, Clyde Always, Gage Amonette, Damian Balassone, Steven Urquhart Bell, Bruce Bennett, Jerome Betts, Jane Blanchard, Dan Campion, Joshua Coben, Barbara Crooker, Pat D’Amico, Martin J. Elster, Daniel Galef, Lynn Gilbert, Rich Glinnen, Stephen Gold, Midge Goldberg, Timothy Green, Julia Griffin, Jan D. Hodge, Shaun Jex, A.M. Juster, […]