Wael Almahdi


The Rueful Solipsist

One scholar said, “We solipsists
deny another mind exists!”
He didn’t care if he got mocked
until one day his mouth got socked.
He now believes in other fists.

Wael Almahdi is a translator and healthcare professional from Bahrain. In 2023, he won a High Commendation from the Stephen Spender Poetry Translation Prize. His Arabic translations include work by Hanan Issa (National Poet of Wales), Lewis Carroll Carl, and the 2024 Diriyah Biennale. His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in ArabLit Quarterly, The Inquisitive Eater: New School Food, Bayt al-Fann Quarterly, Copihue, Asymptote, Snakeskin, The Knight Letter, The RavensPerch, and Ekstasis.